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Racking Systems Logistics services company

Racking Systems Logistics Services Company is a Saudi Arabian entity who believes in building a long lasting business partnership by providing Efficient, Economical and Quality Supply Chain Solutions that propels its business growth and profitability.

RTL through its continuous improvement and flexibility always strive to explore new avenues. Management of RTL launched this business on 1st October, 2020 with an aim to add to its core business sector of Supply of all types of Racking System, Construction of Warehouses, Supply and Installation of Different type of Central Cooling systems.

Despite the fact that many a multinational and few local companies are already existing in this field, RTL took it as a challenge and ventured into this business with an aim to steadily gain the market share with utmost concentration on quality, flexibility, pricing and customer satisfaction.
  • Warehouse Freezers
  • Warehouse Chillers
  • Ambient(Tempreture Control)
  • Transportation
  • Supply and Installation of Central Cooling Systems
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Supply and Installation of of All types of Racking System
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Warehouse , Logistics & Transport Service

Temperature Control Warehouses.

RTL has state of the art Temperature Control Warehouses that operates for Multiusers or Dedicated users located in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah either on 2PL or 3PL basis.
  • Freezers.
  • Chillers.
  • Ambient Storage.
  • Dry Storage.
  • Customized Storage.

Dedicated distribution services within the Country .

RTL has the expertise and experience in providing dedicated distribution services within the Country where it operates for both Dry and Temperature Controlled movement of goods. Vehicles deployed are well maintained, calibrated cooling system with movable partitions and tail gates as per need and specification shared by the clients. All vehicles are fitted with GPS sensors to facilitate online tracking of movement of vehicles, monitor transit temperature and capable of obtaining historical temperature data through the application. RTL provides this tracking facility to its customer on their palms through any smart phone with Internet connection
  • Even faster and more reliably distribution.
  • Always take customers' point of view.
  • You’re worth every penny, so we are show it.

Transportation facilities through its network.

RTL through on its own or through its qualified network provides Transportation facilities to its customers. Such transportation is covered for Dry and all type of Temperature controlled movement of cargo. RTL is capable of meeting the customers demand in transportation right from 4 Ton vehicle to a 40’ Container movement from origin to any destination within the country where it currently operates. Special cases of providing solution to move cargo within GCC countries is arranged through its network.
  • RTL can provide the required transportation facility .
  • customers are guaranteed hassle free, safe, secure, and timely execution of deliveries.

Providing end to end business solutions provides its customers the services of Freight forwarding.

RTL as part of providing end to end business solutions provides its customers the services of Freight forwarding either by Sea or by Air through its strong network. RTL can obtain the best price for its customers depending upon the timeline the customers have in routing the cargo through appropriate Shipping or Air lines.

Managing the end to end supply chain process.

RTL has experts who can provide with comprehensive Supply Chain Management solutions to its customers. This includes the Control Tower Concept of managing the end to end supply chain process right from taking over the cargo from manufacturer or Distributor at Origin, all ex Origin logistical services up to port of Origin, Freight arrangements, Customs clearance at destination ports, movement of cargo from destination ports to Warehouses or end user.
  • Even faster and more reliably goods delivery.
  • Always take customers' point of view to develop.


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